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Pens Logoed is a venture initiated by Wearable Imaging, Inc., a company that specializes in providing customized products to the corporate sector. Pens Logoed aims at offering high quality yet exceptionally affordable BIC promotional pens, and a variety of other brand name customizable pens. With its parent company involved in designing creative strategies for different businesses, we specialize in providing customized promotional pens to all our clients.

Even though the business environment has shifted towards electronic media, the need and requirement for pens can never be eliminated. Since pens are required by all employees of an organization, the overall cost could be overwhelming for a company especially when it incurs on a regular basis. Our company offers cheap promotional pens that significantly reduce the stationery overheads of your company while providing it a promotional utility.    

More About Wearable Imaging, Inc.

Wearable Imaging, Inc. works to provide creative solutions to companies that wish to leave a lasting impression on clients and customers. The company does that by designing custom promotional products or unmatched quality that are backed with competitive pricing and excellent customer services. In short, Wearable Imaging helps its clients to establish a unique reputation. 

About BIC Promotional Pens

 Bic pens were first introduced in 1945 and have gained widespread popularity ever since. These are disposable ballpoint pens whose production cost is exceptionally low while they provide high stability in writing. On average, the number of BIC stationary items sold in a year is over 8.7 billion. The major chunk of these sold items is taken by BIC promotional pens.

Customized promotional pens have been in fashion in the corporate world for quite a while now. Every organization wishes to personalize its products and in order to do it, they often opt for imprinted promotional pens.   

Discounted Promotional Pens

  There are several ways of marketing and adversiting such as T.V. ads, print ads, social media, billboards, and radio ads. However, all these platforms are effective for a temporary period of time whereas cheap promotional pens stay with the customer for much longer. The lesser they use it, the longer it lasts and the more they see it, the more the brand gets ingrained into their minds. Pens Logoed has ongoing specials of deeply discounted pens of all styles and brands. Discounted promotional pens are perhaps one of the most cost effective marketing and adversiting strategies so go ahead and order your promotional ballpoint pens from Pens Logoed.  

Personalized Promotional Pens

 Although there are a number of steps that an organization can take to make its employees feel special, most of them increase the operational costs by a considerable margin. Even products such as coffee mugs could cost an enormous amount in large enterprise. However, it is important for employees to take ownership and feel special to result in maximum retention and productivity. Pens Logoed allows your company to achieve that with a minor investment in executive promotional pens where you could provide each employee with a number of imprinted promotional pens with the employees' names engraved on them. 

Branded Promotional Pens

 While BIC promotional pens are highly popular, it is not the only brand available at Pens Logoed. We all sell imprinted promotional pens from companies such as Cross, Pilot, MontBlanc, Paper Mate, and many others.   

Types of Promotional Pens

 At Pens Logoed, you get the option of purchasing customized pens from a price range of under $1 to over $100. These executive promotional pens are available in the types of pencils, gel pens, rollerball pens, and ballpoints. Furthermore, clients may purchase products made of environment friendly material, plastic, or metal. Our specialty pens are an extension of our services to provide promotional pens in the form of flash drives, lasers, highlighters, and much more.

Contact us today to get completely customized promotional pens of your choice at the cheapest price in the market.